Weather Alert Ontario 2 App Reviews

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Customer service!

Really helpful. Exchanged emails with some suggestions for improvement and in less than a week there was an update in the app store. The Twitter link works great. Looking forward to inclusion of marine forecasts and alerts. Push function for weather alerts awesome.

Radar useless

Radar is useless. Doesnt cover all of Ontario just some districts. I bought it because of the radar.

Great app!

Great app! One of a kind and exactly what I was looking for. The only annoying things is, I get multiple alerts in a thunderstorm over the spread of a few hours. I only need one. Maybe Im doing something wrong. Im going to email the developers and see what they say. The multiple alerts are really annoying! Other then that, fantastic app!!!!!


So I downloaded this app to be able to get weather alerts. Ive picked my alert location several times but the app doesnt retain the choice. Not much good without that feature!

Nothing fancy

Not really worth the premium money. Basic stuff you can get any where.

Alert location doesnt save

Meh. Radar & forecast is great - Alert location does not save ur location - suggestion: would be nice if we could also save our radar location

Barely functional

This was a great app when I first purchased it, with numerous alert locations that truly worked when there was a watch or warning. Links to forecast pages were flawless to and now the whole thing is basically useless. No alerts (the reason I purchased it) and the link to forecast doesnt work. This was an indispensable app as I travel the Kingston-Windsor corridor by car regularly, but now my guess is as good as any one elses. Please fix soon!

Revised app

Much improved, I will be using this app a lot more now with this newly improved layout.

Work good now.

Thanks, it worked. Might be a good idea to have that written on that page, so others can have the instructions. Thanks again. Also I just got my first alert for Windsor, On. Glad its working now!

Saved my 7 year old son.

OMG, Thank you for fixing this APP. I was ready to give up on it. I was napping and my son was out playing today here in the Niagara region when I was alerted with this app. Once I realized what it was and what was going on, I got up and pulled him in from the backyard. Exactly 7 minutes later all hell broke loose. We had bad hail, lightning, and high winds that came up out of no where. As a parent, amateur weather guy, and a prepper I thank you. The only thing Im missing is space weather so I know when a class X solar flare is heading my way! Willy

New And Improved

I love this App,you get up to the moment Weather Alerts from Severe Thunder Storms to Hurricane and Heavy Snow Fall Warnings as well as Local everyday Weather forcast. All on easy to use Touch and Slide Screen Format. The Doppler Radar screen gives you instant colour coded images of Approaching Weather over your Location,the Doppler images are the same ones used by Professional Weather Forecasters. As far as I am concerned this is a Must Have App for anyone who is out and about or any Amateur Weather Buff. S. Kelly York Region Ont. .

Big improvement - Works great

The main screen display is sharp and tidy. Very easy to read and understand. The graphics are crisp, clear and very easy to understand. The slide screen for the forecast is smooth as is the scrolling of the forecast itself. I really like the added Humidity as well as Wind Speed, Direction and Gusts readings. The main screen search feature works great and by being able to add the locations as Favourites then selecting them individually to view keeps the location views manageable. The Alert and Alert Push Notifications are being saved and the number of locations that can be saved for both provides great coverage. The Alert Sound selections are a nice touch and makes the Alert sound like a real Weather Alert Radio. Great idea! The Alert Locations are being saved which they were not with the old version. I received 17 Alerts all at once and the app handled them with no problem. When you tap at the bottom of the Alert banner it takes you to the Canada Weather web site where you can see detailed reports on all Watches, Warnings and Statements for all of Canada. I found that feature extremely useful and am glad that it is part of the new app. The costumer support that I received from Christopher Coudriet the CEO and President of Crushed Box Software has been extremely good with discussing the minor problems that Ive come across and I know the they will be worked out. I only gave it four stars because of the Radar. It gets FIVE starts for everything else especially the costumer service. Great Job! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE With the addition of the new radar as well as the barometer I now give this app 5 stars. The first day I received 17 alerts in a row without any problems and today Sept. 2 2013 it has been sounding alerts almost continuously. I have it set to sound and alert with all locations too really put the app to the test and it passed with no troubles.


No contact/email for customer support. Location on but showing wrong city

Software has been updated

This is now my favourite weather app for Ontario.

Want the classic alert Notification!

This is great worth the $2.00+Tax but I really want the the old notifications sounds back as a sound option and I really also want the notification saying theres no watches or warnings in effect as also an option to please thank you and great job on the app!

Weather Alert Ontario 2

Reliable and easily understood weathercasts plus live excuse for leaving the brolly at home!


Says cloudy here in Essex Ontario and minus 11. Has been sunny here all day! Not a cloud

It Doesnt work

Its a waste of money. It keeps giving me an error. Location search doesnt work at all. We had a weather alert from Environment Canada website, but I didnt get any alert from this "thing." But doesnt apple validate basic function of an App before selling it?

Love this app

This app is a great life saver, in the event of severe weather alerts. It doesnt necessarily replace a Weather Radio but rather, another add onto it. The only thing missing is the alerting of special weather statements, like the NOAA Weather Radio app generates sometimes. Otherwise, it works and has worked for me. Keep up the great work and hopefully new add ins in the future.

No longer works

App no longer delivers push notifications. Used to work but no longer. Support will not answer emails. Deleted app.

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